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House Shifting Made Fast, Easy, Safe and Affordable

Shifting a house from its original location is way better than building a new one. Plus, it gives you the joy of living in the same space. So if you are going to relocate to a different city, we recommend that you give our house shifting service a try. Believe us, you would love to see your home at its new location.

Why Choose Us for House Shifting ?

  • State-of-the-art equipment

    • We use the latest technology and equipment to provide safe, smart and fast solutions for lifting and shifting buildings.

  • Award-winning team of highly-trained and qualified professionals

    • We are an award-winning team of highly-trained qualified professionals who hold adequate experience in delivering high-quality solutions.

  • 100% safe lifting and shifting services

    • Our lifting and shifting services are 100% safe. Your house stays clear of damages.

  • Your building sustains no cracks and any other damages

    • When our professionals get down to work, they ensure your building does not develop cracks and any other damage.

  • Extremely competitive prices

    • Our prices are extremely competitive because our prime concern is to offer you value for money.

Top Reasons Why House Shifting is Better than the Alternatives

See House Shifting in Action: Pictures and Videos

Have a look at the pictures and videos of our team at work.

Call us Today!

Call us today on 09466741300, 09999937416, 09017466000 or 9354866600 to know more about the breakthrough solutions for building lifting.

House shifting provides many advantages that are not offered by traditional methods.

Cost effective

When you shift your house, you do not need to build a new one. This saves you money and time which building a new house consumes.


Your house remains clear of any damages whatsoever. We simply lift it, shift it and place it wherever you want us to!

Totally safe

We take extreme care while shifting buildings. So be sure that nothing is going to happen to your home when we move it.

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